English for Healthcare

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One to One Online Tutorials

Tailored to your individual needs, our one-to-one service is available if you want to study in the comfort of your own home and at a time that suits you.


£45.00 per hour

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Speaking Mock Test One to One Online

We provide speaking mock tests which are marked against OET Speaking Assessment Criteria with feedback.


£45.00 per hour

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Writing corrections with feedback

Our expert tutors will mark your letters and provide you with valuable feedback on how to make improvements to enhance your writing skills. These are marked against the OET Writing Criteria.


£22.00 per letter

£60.00 for 3 letters

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Writing and Speaking package One to One Online Tutorials

Get familiar with OET Writing and Speaking sub-tests in this 2 hour package, where you will be shown the skills and strategies required to pass the Writing and Speaking sub-tests, according the the OET marking criteria.


£80.00 for 2 hours

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Group lessons online
Our group lessons are limited to up to 8 students. Coming soon

At Jacaranda English we are changing lives! We are a small team of friendly, experienced teachers who care about your learning journey and offer their expertise in OET to support you as you prepare for the OET test.

Completing the OET teachers training programme has equipped us with the knowledge necessary to become OET Premium Providers, enabling us to proudly display our OET Knowledge Badge.

We are delighted to offer OET tuition and courses to students who meet the necessary language and skill requirements to pass. We have been working with multiple healthcare professionals from all over the world and continue to do so.

Choose from the options available, there is something that is just right for you.